Rise White Paper on Social Media

Our first report explores the technological innovations set to disrupt finance next decade.

Today everyone is a broadcaster. The advent of social media means there is a critical mass of unprovoked opinion by customers on services offered by brands, all willing to share their thoughts in a public way on how they view a product or service.

This culture has developed rapidly over recent years to produce ‘social influencers’; experts in their field who have built a huge following, but more importantly whose opinions count exponentially as they can influence the decisions of a significant number of others.

It has become increasingly important for brands to influence these influencers themselves in order to protect and enhance their reputation. The empowerment of the customer means that brands not only have to take notice of what is being said about them, but they are also now in the realm of ensuring their reputation is protected by being better at customer service on social media.

Conversely, they have access to a huge new area of data insights into both themselves and their competitors.

This white paper, published by Barclays Accelerator alumnus Market IQ, Barclays and Rise, examines what brands now have to do to make sure their customer service meets expectations in the ‘Always On’ world.

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